Online Learning

Online learning is different from traditional education. Online courses are designed to give students the opportunity for quality education within a self-directed environment and do not require students to come to a traditional classroom setting. Online instructors will facilitate the same material as taught in the traditional classroom, which require the same amount of work and time commitment.

Since online students and instructors do not meet regularly, a student can expect to spend those three lecture hours per week reading and studying material in the online course through the learning management system. Additionally, students should expect to spend an additional two to three hours per course hour per week for college success. This means that students can expect to spend approximately 9-12 hours per week on an online course.

Once enrolled in online courses, students will begin their studies by logging onto the courses through the learning management system used by UACCM. Once they are in their course, students will learn through a virtual classroom. There will be an instructor facilitating the course. However, students will be able to access the course at their convenience instead of attending at a specified time. Students may learn through reading assignments, viewing videos, listening to short lectures, viewing PowerPoints alongside reading of the text, participating in discussion forums, taking quizzes and exams and completing other required assignments.

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Are you out of state, live a distance from UACCM and interested in entering as a distance education student (fully online)?  If so, please read Distance Education Requirements for more information on how to apply and get started.