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UACCM Registered Student Organizations

Student Leadership Council (SLC)

  • Sponsors: Courtney Martin and Darren Jones

The Student Leadership Council is comprised of our student ambassadors, and student organization officers.

The purpose and mission of the SLC:

  • To act in a liaison capacity to the school administration in representation of the student body in matters concerning UACCM.
  • To foster student activities and involvement in the College.
  • To promote within the student body a sense of responsibility to the College and to create and maintain a standard of good citizenship and collegiate culture.
  • To insure that each student feels he/she is an integral part of the College.
  • To promote student opportunities for service to the College and leadership of their fellow students.
  • To promote the best interest of the College, making it a positive institution for mental and moral development.
  • Understanding that the administration which is governed by the policies established by the UA Board of Trustees, UACCM Board of Visitors, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, and state and federal law, is responsible for the operation of the school.   SLC is not a decision making or policy forming body with respect to the College.

What are the benefits to being in on SLC?

  • Establish new relationships with students, faculty, and staff
  • Serve on campus committees
  • Being involved in campus events
  • Community Service opportunities

For more information contact:
Darren Jones
Vice Chancellor for Student Services
(501) 977-2191
University Center, Suite 100

Honorary Services

National Technical Honor Society

  • Sponsors: Tom McLeod and Kristen Karetov

The purposes of the National Technical Honor Society are to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, and skill development among NTHS members; to reward scholastic achievement in career and technical education; to assist society members in their pursuit of career and educational goals; to help to build and maintain a stronger, more positive image for career and technical students and programs in the local community and throughout the state; to encourage the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct and individual responsibility among the membership; and to help the school to initiate and maintain strong working partnerships with local institutions of business, industry, and commerce.

NTHS meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month during X-period (12:05-12:50 pm) in the University Center room 216.

Phi Theta Kappa

  • Sponsors: Mat Herrman, Kara Jones, and Stephanie Price

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two-year colleges. Students must earn a cumulative 3.5 GPA upon completion of 12 or more college-level credit hours to be eligible for membership. Invitations are sent in the fall and spring terms based on the previous semester's cumulative GPA. Once a member, students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA to remain in the organization.

Phi Theta Kappa members are involved within the UACCM campus and in the community. They also prove themselves valuable students at transfer institutions and as employees in the local and regional workforce.

Phi Theta Kappa meets on the third Thursday during X-period (12:05-12:50 pm) and fourth Monday at noon in the Kirk Building room 118.


Baptist Collegiate Ministry

  • Sponsor: Marilyn Thomas

The mission of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry is to exalt God through growing in Christ, connecting to His church, and serving His world.

BCM meetings include a free lunch and are held on Thursdays during X-period (12:05-12:50 pm) in the University Center room 201.

THRIVE College Ministry

Thrive is sponsored by Lonoke Baptist Church of Morrilton. The purpose of Thrive is to provide fellowship, worship, community service, and leadership opportunities to students at UACCM. Its mission is to share faith in Jesus Christ through lifestyle as well as active outreach in the community.

Thrive meetings include a free lunch on Tuesdays during X-period (12:05-12:50 pm) in the University Center room 201.

Special Interest

Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology Club

  • Sponsor: Carroll Chisum and Robert Pettry

This club is for students interested in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technology.

Automotive Technology Club

  • Sponsors: Howard West

The purpose of this organization is to bring together the students enrolled in the automotive technology program.

Computer Information Systems Club

  • Sponsors: Jim Isom, Mary Lou McCrotty, and Lori Goodnight

The CIS Club is one of the premier student organizations on the UACCM campus, providing leadership and service opportunities for its members. Its focuses are to serve students, the college, and the community. Every year, the CIS Club raises money to support local and national charities. However, they also know how to have fun! The CIS Club participates in all of the events held on campus, and members sponsor their own events, such as video game tournaments and LAN parties.

The CIS Club meets on the third Thursday of each month during X-period (12:05-12:50 pm) in the Fine Arts Building room 111.

Early Childhood Student Organization

  • Sponsor: Morgan Roch

The purposes of the Early Childhood Student Organization are to build competent leadership skills, develop a pride in the child care occupation, strengthen confidence in oneself, develop a feeling of cooperation, develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism.

Model United Nations Club

  • Sponsor: Brian Wilson

Model UN is the perfect club for students interested in social sciences, current events, history, geography, English, debate, or just making new friends! Our weekly meetings help us learn parliamentary procedure, research tips, and debate practice as we prepare to serve as delegates on various committees. We'll get to debate economic and social issues, address global security, take up the banner for human rights, and even dive into a special Arab League Council.

Prism Alliance

  • Sponsor: Morgan Grey and Kristen Karetov

Prism Alliance is a social club for the LGTBQ community and its straight allies. The group focuses on LGBTQ rights and awareness issues. Prism Alliance strives to get the word out that everyone should be treated with equality and respect.

Prism Alliance meets weekly on Thursdays during X-period (12:05-12:50 pm) in the Fine Arts Building room 108.

SkillsUSA Club

  • Sponsors: Kristen Karetov and Zackary Freeman

This club is for students interested in SkillsUSA competitions and related programs.

Student Association of Surveyors

  • Sponsor: Terry Cleaver

The purpose of the Student Association of Surveyors is to bring student surveyors together to pursue common interests in the field of surveying, giving them the ability to network all student levels within the program, plan activities throughout the semester, and advance the surveying program overall.

Welding Technology Club

  • Sponsors: Zack Freeman

This club is for students interested in welding.

Wesley Foundation

  • Sponsors: Susan Pardee

This club is sponsored by the Morrilton First United Methodist Church.
The Welsey Foundation provides a free lunch at its meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month during X-period (12:05-12:50 pm) in the University Center room 214.

How Do I Get Involved?

The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton has a variety of Registered Student Organizations to enhance the academic and personal growth of its students. Students interested in membership in one or more of these organizations should contact the Office of Student Activities located in the Student Union for additional information.


The Purpose of Registered Student Organizations

  • To develop and coordinate campus-wide, student-life activities
  • To promote fellowship and socialization among students and community involvement through charitable events
  • To provide opportunities for leadership & service
  • To provide an avenue for active communication between the student body and the faculty, staff, and administration of UACCM

Adopt-A-Flower-Bed Program

This campus-wide program will allow volunteers to adopt a flower bed on campus. Flower beds can bring great beauty to campus, but with limited staff and funds the beds are often at the bottom of the priority list.  This program will allow an individual or group to take over a bed.  UACCM will pay for the plants and the volunteers will plant them and take care of them.