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StampVisiting Student Admission Requirements

Below are the admission requirements for students who are not seeking a certificate or an associate degree at UACCM.

Step 1

*Complete a UACCM Application for Admission ONLINE or PRINT and submit to the Admissions Office.

Step 2

Complete a UACCM Visiting Statement of Intent ONLINE or PRINT and Submit To The Admissions Office.

Visiting students cannot enroll in a course that requires a prerequisite until they have submitted official documentation that the prerequisite has been met.

Note: Individuals desiring to take a credit course or a limited number of courses but who do not wish to pursue a degree or certificate may enroll on a limited basis by simply completing an Application for Admission Form and a Visiting Student Form. These individuals will be enrolled as visiting students and are not considered admitted to the College. Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid and will not be assigned an academic advisor. A visiting student may not enroll in more than 10 credit hours within a semester or more than six credit hours during a summer session.

When a visiting student has completed a total of 16 credit hours under visiting status or wishes to enroll in courses which will cause him/her to exceed 16 credit hours, he/she is no longer eligible to enroll in a visiting status. Prior to enrolling in courses which will cause him/her to exceed 16 credit hours, the student must complete all of the General Admission Requirements and be admitted by the College (see Admission Requirements). After being admitted to the College, these students will be assigned an academic advisor and may continue to take courses without pursuing an award.

Students enrolling in 10 credit hours or more within a semester, six hours during a summer term, or concurrently enrolled high school students may not enroll as visiting students. Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Admissions or Director of Academic Advising.