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I pay the bill, why can’t I access my student’s information?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s educational records.  When a student reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level, FERPA protection extends only to the student and no longer protects the rights of parents or guardians to inspect their student’s educational records.  Once your student enrolls in college courses, regardless of age or high school graduation status, you must have the signed, written consent of your student to access his or her educational records.  Student notification is only effective for one semester or summer term.

What information about my student can I receive without signed, written consent?

Anyone may receive directory information about any student attending UACCM.   Directory information is the student’s name, address, major, dates of enrollment, certificate / degrees received, and the most recent school attended.  Any other information may be released only with the signed, written consent of the student.

My student is not passing one or more of his/Her courses.  What are his/Her options?

Students who are experiencing difficulty in a course should visit the tutoring centers located on the UACCM campus.   Tutoring services are provided free of charge to current UACCM students in the subjects of math, writing, and business.  If the student’s coursework continues below a passing level, he may consider dropping the course prior to UACCM’s published withdrawal date.  Dropping a course will result in a “W” appearing on the student’s transcript, rather than a letter grade.  A designation of W is not included in the calculation of grade point averages nor hours completed; however, it may affect the student’s financial aid eligibility and full-time status.

What is full-time status?

A student enrolled in 12 or more semester hours is considered a full-time student.   A student enrolled in fewer than 12 hours is considered a part-time student.

Can we find help to pay for college?

Many options exist to help students pay for a college education, including scholarships, grants, work study, and student loans.   Students first should apply for “free” money, or money that doesn’t have to be repaid, which is most commonly scholarships and grants.  Scholarships are based on any number of criteria, from academic achievement to community involvement, and available from a number of organizations.  Many links are provided on the Financial Aid pages of the UACCM website.  Grants are available by completing the FAFSA form and submitting it electronically to the Department of Education.  Work study programs allow eligible students to work on campus for minimum wage while attending school.  Both grants and work study programs are income based, so not all students will qualify for the same amount of assistance.  Student loans often offer a lower interest rate and more flexible repayment terms than traditional bank loans, but should be used as a last resort by students to keep personal debt at a minimum.

How does my student apply for admission to UACCM?

Each student who attends UACCM will need an application for admission, an official high school transcript, entrance exam scores, and immunization records.   Students attending UACCM and a high school concurrently will also be required to submit a permit to register form available on the UACCM website.

What immunizations will my student need?

Each student born after January 1, 1957, is required to provide proof of two measles and one rubella vaccination (two MMR vaccinations will suffice).   Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination are the yellow immunization cards issued by an Arkansas Health Department, a vaccination record from a private clinic, or vaccination records mailed directly from a previously attended school to UACCM.   If a student cannot provide proof of vaccinations, he will be required to obtain two updated vaccinations and provide proof of those injections.

What are the minimum test scores for admission to UACCM?

Students must provide entrance exam scores for the purpose of class placement in math, English, and reading.

What are developmental courses?

Developmental courses are courses designed to raise a student ’s knowledge to the college-level in math, English, or reading.  Students are required to enroll in developmental courses when an ACT subscore is below 19 in a respective subject area.

My student wants to earn a Bachelor’s degree.  Is UACCM an option?

While UACCM is a two-year college, it is a great place to prepare students for the attainment of a four-year degree.   UACCM offers Associate of Art and Associate of Science Degrees in General Education, which are the completion of the first two years of any Bachelor’s Degree.  Due to new legislation, all students who complete the degree requirements for an Associate’s Degree in General Education are guaranteed a smooth transfer to any public university in the state of Arkansas.

My student is still in high school.  Can he attend UACCM prior to graduation?

Students who are still attending high school are eligible for early admission to UACCM as a high school concurrent student.   These students are required to submit a permit to register form, in addition to the regular admission documentation.  Concurrently enrolled students usually receive credit for the completion of each course at both the high school and college level.  High school concurrent admission is offered to advanced students and is not an open admission policy, so students interested in this option should consult the High School Concurrent section of this website.

My student is home-schooled.  Where do I obtain a transcript?

Transcripts for home-schooled students must contain each of the courses completed and a grade for each course.   This transcript must be signed by the designated school official or teacher for the home-schooled student.  All high school transcripts must include a list of courses completed with grades, the signature of the school official, and a graduation date.  If your student is a member of an educational alliance, that organization may provide transcript services.

What activities could my student participate in at UACCM?

Students at UACCM are offered a variety of opportunities for involvement.   The Student Government Association (SGA), Phi Beta Lambda, and the Computer Information Systems Technology Club are just a few examples.  Most majors have a student organization located on campus.  In addition, students can choose from politically-minded organizations, sports organizations, and religious organizations.  Intramural sports offers a variety of team and individual sporting events each semester.  No Greek life exists on the UACCM campus.

Is housing available?

UACCM is a commuter campus and does not offer on-campus housing.   Many students find apartments, duplexes, and houses to rent in the local community of Morrilton, while others choose to rent in the neighboring cities of Russellville or Conway.

Are medical facilities available?

On-campus medical facilities are not available at UACCM, although the city of Morrilton has a hospital and several medical clinics located less than one mile from campus.   Ambulatory services are also available if needed.  Students with non-emergency illnesses are referred to local medical clinics or the local Health Department. 

How will my student enroll in courses?

The first semester that your student is accepted to UACCM, he will receive an acceptance letter that includes instructions for scheduling an advising appointment.   Students are responsible for making the call to set up a time to meet with an advisor once an acceptance letter has been received.  In following semesters, each student is assigned and advisor who is a faculty member in the student’s selected major.  The student is responsible for scheduling a pre-registration appointment with his assigned advisor prior to the end of the current semester.  Dates for pre-registration are posted on the UACCM website and in various locations around campus.