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What tests are available in UACCM's Testing Services?

Information regarding available test in Testing Services can be found by visiting our Web page.

How much does each test cost?


There is a “first time” fee of $15.00. After the “first time” fee you will be charged $5.00 per section (Reading, Writing, and Math).

Distance Education Proctoring - (this includes Kryterion and Certiport exams)

There is a $25.00 proctoring fee per test sitting.

TEAS Exam (For Practical Nursing Program entrance)

There is a $65.00 (pending Board approval) testing fee.

STEP Exam (By invitation ONLY. For Registered Nursing Program entrance)

There is a $40.00 testing fee.


There is a $25.00 proctoring fee.  There is also a $89.00 CLEP exam fee that will have to be paid in the Testing Services lab with a valid credit card.

Can I bring my cell phone into the testing lab?

Cellular phones, electronic devices, or personal belongings are required to be in a secure locker outside the testing room. Unauthorized electronic devices or personal belongings, including cell phones, found in the testing area may result in a revocation of testing privileges.

Who is allowed to enter the test lab during operational hours?

Only students taking a test are permitted in the test area. No children or unauthorized adults are allowed. Testing Services reserves the right to refuse test administration to an individual if unsupervised children are present.

Can I take Food or Drinks Into The Testing Lab?

No food or drinks are allowed in the testing area.

Am I allowed any breaks during my testing session?

No breaks will be allowed during the administration of a test. Once a test begins, you may not leave the room unless you have requested special accommodations through the Student Development office Students who have a disability requiring an accommodation should contact the Student Development Counselor's at (501) 977-2095. The Student Development office is located in the BTC building, room 204. Arrangements for accommodations should be made at least one week before arriving for the test.

What must I bring with me to the Testing Services office before I begin my exam?

Students must present an official photo I.D. This may include a current driver’s license, UACCM student I.D., current alien registration/ passport, or military I.D. Other forms of identification may be required. You will not be allowed to take a test without proper identification.

What are the times available for testing?

Information regarding testing times in Testing Services can be found by visiting our Web page.

What if I missed a test in one of my classes, what should I do?

As requested and approved by your instructor:

  • Appointments should be made 24 hours in advance. Requests received on shorter notice are subject to time and space availability.
  • Photo ID must be shown before test is administered
  • Students arriving late for an appointment are subject to cancellation.
  • Test will be collected at the end of the time allowed by the instructor.
  • Completed tests will be returned to the instructor.

Testing Services reserves the right to cancel appointments and require the appointment to be rescheduled.

Where is Testing Services located?

Business Technology Center (BTC) – room 207