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Distance Education

UACCM currently offers online and hybrid courses in many of our degree programs. Some courses include synchronized learning which allows online students to interact with instructor and peers in real time (such as an interactive webinar). The following programs have at least half the course requirements offered as distance education/hybrid:

*The above programs include science and/or oral communications courses which are currently only offered as hybrid courses.  These hybrid courses will require approximately 1/5-1/3 of the course to be completed on campus.  Please visit with your advisor for more information pertaining to the amount of time required on campus for your specific degree program.

The AS in Liberal Arts, AS in Education and AS in Business requirements vary based on the four-year university the student will be attending after completion of the UACCM degree. Please contact the advising center, or your advisor, for personalized assistance. you may also find current 2+2 plans on the My UACCM Portal under the Advising tab.

All online courses will require at least one proctored exam. The exam may be proctored on our campus, or at an off-site facility.  In order to get a proctoring site approved contact UACCM Testing Services at 501-977-2060 or testing.services@uaccm.edu. You must take care of this within the first two weeks of classes in order to have it approved prior to any proctored work. It is best to do this immediately upon registering for online courses.

Remediation courses are not offered through distance education. Students who plan to take online courses must meet the prerequisites for each class they enroll in. See course descriptions for more information.

In order to apply to UACCM as a distance education learner you must complete the following steps:

Step 2

If you plan to file for financial aid, visit the Financial Aid webpage. If you need assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Department at 501-977-2055.

Step 3

Once admitted to UACCM and required documents have been submitted, Book an advising appointment with the Academic Advising and Career Services office to register for classes.

All advising appointments may be made online through Appointment Plus. To view available registration dates and access Appointment Plus, visit the Registration page or call 501-208-5307 to make an appointment. Students must be able use the video call service Zoom to be advised via distance

Step 4

Complete the Student Computer Account Form.

Step 5

Complete New Student Orientation

Orientation is free; however, students who do not complete orientation before the beginning of the semester as required will be automatically enrolled in the ACAD0001 College Orientation course. These students will be required to pay one credit hour tuition and fees to attend and complete ACAD0001 College Orientation and may only withdraw from this course if they are completely withdrawing from the college. This is a graded course and will affect the student’s semester GPA.

Step 6

Review the UACCM Academic Calendar for the term enrolled to determine the first day of classes. Distance education student (100% of courses taken are online) are required to log in and begin coursework on the first day of classes for the semester to avoid being dropped for non-attendance.