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The UACCM Student Union is in a new and improved location! The building formerly called The Plaza has been redesigned into a cool and comfortable new space for student enjoyment. As future plans for expansion include construction of a Workforce Training Center on the far west side of UACCM, the new location of the Student Union will be centered on campus, making it more accessible to all students.

All the things our students love about the Student Union have been revamped in the new location. In the new game room, the two pool tables now have a designated space of their own. The ping pong table is brand new and ready for students as well. We’ve also got new, ultra-functional couches and chairs for students to use while relaxing between classes. Our four flat-screens feature a variety of HD channels, and three charging stations are also set up in the space. We stream music throughout the building and students can make requests as to what’s playing throughout the day. The new building is also home to a meeting room and work space for registered student organizations to use as needed.

The Student Union has drink and snack vending machines as well as a commissary vending machine with breakfast and lunch options. Students can use the microwaves and food-prep area at their convenience and meet other students who hang out in the Student Union during breaks. Food trucks will be located outside the Student Union several days each week from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Students can purchase lunch there then eat at one of the outdoor picnic tables in the courtyard area or inside the Student Union. In addition to the picnic tables, the Student Union's courtyard is home to a pavilion for students to enjoy, and during special events like Welcome Week, Fall Fest, or Spring Fling, some staff and faculty members will likely be found grilling free lunch for students in that area.

For those on the east side of campus, commissary and other vending is also available in the Kirk Building. For students' added convenience, a new student lounge is open in the Kirk Building in room 107. The space features a microwave, tables and chairs, and couches for students to use before, after, or between classes.

For updates on Student Activities, the Student Union, or related topics, check out www.facebook.com/UACCMsa, or check your student email each Monday for weekly updates.

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