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UACCM has commencement ceremonies in mid-May and mid-December of each year, and specific major/program areas participate on different evenings/nights. Graduation caps and gowns are distributed prior to the commencement date as soon as they are made available. Academic honor cords, Phi Theta Kappa stoles, and Veteran stoles are distributed at the auditorium immediately before each ceremony. A reception will follow and all are welcome to attend.

Commencement Frequently Asked Questions

When is the ceremony?

UACCM has commencement ceremonies in mid-May and mid-December of each year. Consult the academic calendar for specific dates. Specific major/program areas participate on different evening/nights. Please arrive 30 minutes before your specified ceremony time.

How do I know which ceremony to attend?

Once the specific major/program areas are determined for each ceremony, an announcement will be posted on Facebook, on the Academic Calendar of the college website, and on this page. You will also receive a letter from the Registrar’s Office with your specified commencement time along with additional ceremony information.

What are "Future Plans and Thank You Notes"?

To make our commencement ceremonies more personable, we ask our graduates to complete a "Future Plans and Thank You Notes" survey prior to the first commencement date. The survey asks about your plans following graduation (transfer to another school, employment, etc.) and gives you an opportunity to thank whomever you feel has contributed to your success. Your answers will be read during the ceremony as you cross the stage to receive your diploma cover. The survey is submitted online through the Registrar's tab on the UACCM Portal. The answers you provide will be announced during your introduction and as you cross the stage to receive your diploma.

Where do I go for the ceremony?

Commencement ceremonies are held in the UACCM Fine Arts Auditorium .

How do I get a cap and gown?

Caps and gowns are provided free to our graduates. We hold a Graduation Fair on campus a few weeks prior to commencement where you can pick up your cap and gown, have your photograph taken, and receive pre- and post-graduation information that may be helpful to you. Information about the Graduation Fair and cap and gown availability will be posted on Facebook and you may receive a notification of the date and time by mail. If you are unable to pick up your cap and gown at the Fair, you may get it from the Registrar's Office anytime following the event. We also post cap and gown information on Facebook.

Is there a rehearsal prior to the ceremony?

Yes, rehearsals will be at 3:00 pm on the day of your ceremony in the Fine Arts Auditorium. Graduates will also be given instructions in the Fine Arts Building during line-up, prior to the commencement start time.

What should I wear?

All attendees, including graduates, are encouraged to wear attire appropriate to honor the occasion. Graduates wear their caps and gowns during the ceremony.

What do I bring to the ceremony?

You will need to bring your cap, gown, and tassel. Please DO NOT bring purses, cameras, coats, etc., to the line-up area as there is no storage area for these items. We recommend that you leave these items with family and friends whom will be attending the ceremony.

What happens once I arrive?

Signs will direct you to the line-up area where you will check in, receive your honor cords, Phi Theta Kappa stole and tassel (if applicable), and Veteran stole (if applicable), and your walk card that includes your name, program/major area, honors, etc., which you will hand to the Vice Chancellor to use to announce your name as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover.

NOTE: Students must return the Phi Theta Kappa stoles to the Registrar's staff after the ceremony and before you leave the premises.

Once checked in, you will line up numerically by the number on your walk-card.  Faculty will lead the graduates into the auditorium and direct them to their seats.

How will I know if I am an Honor Graduate?

To be designated an honor graduate, you must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher at the time of graduation.

Because commencement is held before your final semester grades are posted, honors designations for the ceremonies are based on your cumulative GPA immediately preceding your final semester. If your preceding GPA is 3.50 – 3.99, your walk card will state “With Honors.” If your preceding GPA is 4.00, your walk card will state “With Highest Honors.”

Actual Honor Graduate designations will be made after your final semester hours are calculated into your GPA. If your final cumulative GPA is 3.50 or above, the words “Honor Graduate” will be noted on your diploma and transcript.

Will there be restrooms available for use in the line-up area?

Yes, there are restrooms available in the line-up area.

Do my guests need tickets to the ceremony?

No. We do not issue tickets or limit the number of guests you may invite to the ceremony; however, seating is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Will there be a photographer at the ceremony?

UACCM does not provide a photographer for individual pictures; however, someone from our staff may take pictures for UACCM use. The college photographs its students, employees, and the public at college functions for use in UACCM promotional and marketing materials. Since you are attending a public event, it is assumed you give permission to the college to use your image in printed or electronic communications. A UACCM backdrop will be provided at the reception following graduation for graduates and their guests to use.

Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?

No. Diplomas are printed only after requirements are checked for all graduates, approximately 6-8 weeks after commencement. You will receive an automated telephone message when diplomas are ready and will be given an opportunity (a one- to two-week time-period) to pick up your diploma. Any diplomas not picked up during that time-period will be mailed to the address on file with the Registrar’s Office. You can check you current contact information on the My UACCM Portal.

Anything else I should know?

Students will wear tassels on the right side of the cap until degrees are conferred. Women will wear their caps throughout the ceremony. Men will remove their caps during the national anthem.

Please turn off all cell phones during the ceremony. Ask your guests to turn their cell phones to vibrate during the ceremony.