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Counseling Services

ThinkingPersonal Concerns?

Personal and mental health needs are served by a professional counselor and are free of charge. Individual therapy goals and objectives are utilized to help you achieve success in life and college.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Personal and group counseling are available at UACCM. You are encouraged to make an appointment or visit our office for more information.

Who may use UACCM Counseling and Disability Services?

UACCM students are eligible for free counseling services. Prospective UACCM students may qualify for an initial career counseling consultation. Your significant other may be a part of family counseling services, at your request.

Will my parents or instructors know that I am in counseling?

No.  Federal and State law prohibits us from acknowledging that you are a client or disclosing any information about your services without your specific written permission. If you sign a release of information to share information with someone else, the information released is minimal and focuses on ways to help you achieve your counseling goals. Your counseling file is not part of your student record and is protected under Federal and State laws.