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High School Concurrent Student

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UACCM’s concurrent enrollment program allows high school and home school students to enroll in college-level technical courses or college-transfer courses. These students can complete a certificate or associate degree while meeting high school graduation requirements.

UACCM Career Center


Earn Credentials While In Grades 10 Through 12 That Are Valued by Employers

Tuition, Fees, and Supplies for Technical Courses Paid Through the Office of Skills Development

Hands-On Training with State-of-the-Art Equipment

See restrictions and eligibility criteria and apply Program Placement Scores

Fall Priority Deadline to Register: June 1
Spring Priority Deadline to Register: December 1

UACCM Satellite Campus—Clarksville High School

UACCM has partnered with the Clarksville School District to provide students, grades 10-12, the opportunity to earn college credit while completing nursing or C.A.T.S. courses at Clarksville High School. Students can complete coursework in Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology (IMMT), Medical Professions—Nursing Assisting, and Welding Technology.

Students can earn college credit for the following classes:

Students completing the required college level coursework in IMMT will earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Maintenance and Safety. Students completing the required college level coursework in Nursing Assisting will earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Nursing Assisting.

Other Concurrent Programs


Complete College Credits While In Grades 9 Through 12

Opportunities for Increased Academic Rigor

See restrictions and eligibility criteria and apply


The UACCM CORE Academy is a new concurrent enrollment partnership between UACCM and the South Conway County School District. Through this program, students have the opportunity to complete the Arkansas 35-hour General Education Core requirement before they graduate high school. The 35-hour General Education Core is transferable to all degrees and all public colleges in the state of Arkansas. Students enrolled in the UACCM CORE Academy will be enrolled in UACCM courses at the high school, online, and/or on the UACCM campus.

The CORE Academy provides students with an affordable jumpstart on their college career by taking advantage of the Conway County School Counts program and the Arkansas Concurrent Challenge Scholarship.

1st Fall Semester

1st Spring Semester

2nd Fall Semester

2nd Spring Semester

3rd Fall Semester

3rd Spring Semester

*While these courses will be available to you without leaving the SCCSD campus a different course may be more appropriate for you given your academic interests. Meet with your UACCM advisor to determine which course is appropriate for you.

Participating Schools

School districts participating in the concurrent program for 2021-2022 are listed below.  Each school district determines which courses/programs students are eligible to enroll in (for example: if students can enroll in Second Career Center courses). If your school district is not listed, you cannot enroll in concurrent courses for the 2021-2022 academic year; however, you may contact the Director of Advising and Concurrent Enrollment to inquire about your school district being added for the 2022-2023 academic year.

  • Atkins School District
  • Clinton School District 
  • Clarksville School District 
  • Conway School District (non-career center courses)
  • Danville School District
  • Dover School District
  • East End School District (Bigelow)
  • Greenbrier School District
  • Guy Perkins School District 
  • Home School
  • Mayflower School District
  • Nemo Vista School District
  • Perryville School District
  • Pottsville School District
  • Russellville School District
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School
  • Scranton School District (Clarksville High School Satellite Campus)
  • South Conway County School District (Morrilton)
  • South Side Bee Branch School District
  • Two Rivers (career center courses)
  • Western Yell County 
  • Wonderview School District

Orientation Requirements

New Student Orientation

All concurrently enrolled high school students will be required to complete New Student Orientation. Concurrent students will be enrolled in this orientation when they meet with a UACCM Advisor. 

Parent Orientation

Encourage your parent/guardian to participate in Parent Orientation so they can learn more about UACCM and ways to help you be successful in college. An online version of Parent Orientation is available as well as in-person. If they prefer to attend in-person, Parent Orientation meetings are available each summer to discuss the contents of the guide. Limited space is available, so reserve a seat today.