New Student Orientation

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We are excited that you’ve chosen to begin your journey at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton. Your next step is to attend New Student Orientation. Due to COVID-19, Spring 2021 New Student Orientation is online only and is designed to help you understand campus culture and get you ready for your first day of classes. New Student Orientation is your official introduction to UACCM and covers a variety of topics that are essential to your success.

Some topics covered during New Student Orientation include:

  • Available student support services
  • The UACCM Student Code of Conduct
  • What Satisfactory Academic Progress means and how it impacts your financial aid
  • Skills and techniques for coping with the demands of college
  • Ways to connect with your academic advisor, faculty, and staff
  • The UACCM campus culture and communities

New Student Orientation is free and will impact how you navigate your college experience so make every effort to complete orientation before the deadline.

Online Orientation

Online Orientation is mandatory for Spring 2021. You must complete the session by the assigned deadline (January 12 2021).

How to Access Online Orientation

  1. Using an internet browser, go to
  2. Log in to Blackboard with your UACCM username and password: To create your username and password, use the formula below:
    1. Username: first initial + middle initial + lastname + last 3 of student ID
    2. Password: First initial (uppercase) + entire StudentID
    3. Please note that the password is case sensitive. For example, John C. Doe (student ID #999004321) would have a username of JCDoe321 and password of J999004321
  3. In Blackboard, click on "Courses" toward the top of your screen.
  4. You will see the link to your orientation in your courses list.

Things You Need to Know

Orientation opens on November 9 and is due by NOON on January 12.

You complete orientation by going through each of the modules then pass the final exam with at least an 80% or above.

The Final Exam covers the content in the Orientation modules.

Each student is given three attempts to pass the final exam with at least an 80%. If you fail to pass the orientation on the third attempt, email with your first and last name as will as your student ID Number.

Attention Concurrent Students

All concurrently enrolled high school students will be required to complete the On-Campus New Student Orientation. Concurrent students will be enrolled in this orientation when they meet with a UACCM Advisor. 

An optional parent orientation will be held prior to the start of each term to provide information to parents/guardians regarding the concurrent program at UACCM.