Dear Neighbors

Since its inception 50 years ago, the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton has been an outstanding neighbor and community resource. In that time, more than 10,000 residents from our six counties received a quality, affordable education and used that experience to become business leaders and productive citizens. The school has given meaning to so many residents who gained skills and knowledge at UACCM.

I am proud to be the chair of UACCM’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign, GIVE MEANING. After three decades of watching UACCM positively impact our communities, I now have the opportunity to return the favor and help Dr. Davis and his staff enhance UACCM’s impact by funding the Workforce Training Center. This new facility will double UACCM’s capacity to educate local residents and enable them to enhance their lifestyle and economic well being. In addition, the center has the potential to improve our overall workforce and attract new businesses to the area.

I believe education is the best way to improve and enrich the lives of our community so that our kids will want to stay here. Your gift will help the college provide facilities, programs, scholarships and operating support for a new Workforce Training Center. That center will prepare another 50 years of students with marketable skills and add a quality of life to our entire region.

I am counting on you to join me in returning the favor of good work from UACCM by making a gift that will transform the school and our community.

Miles Lacy

Committee Members

Campaign Steering Committee

  • Campaign Chair – Miles Lacy
  • Hospitality Chair – Kristi Strain
  • Thomas Flowers – Conway County Chair
  • Katherine Foust – Conway County Secretary
  • Judge Roger Hooper – Van Buren County Chair

Conway County Committee:

  • Thomas Flowers – Chair (Retired/UACCM)
  • Katherine Foust – Secretary (Retired)
  • Barry McKuin (Retired)
  • Raye Pearce (Retired Teacher)

Faulkner County Committee:

  • Jim Rankin (Trinity Development)
  • Donna Spears (501 Magazine)
  • Kathlyn Arnett (First Security Bank)
  • Michael Fowler (First Security Bank)

Perry County Committee:

  • Buddy Metcalf (Calfneck Corp)
  • Vivian Hoyt (Retired Teacher)
  • Vickie Shadell (DHS)
  • Doug Brandon (First Electric)

Van Buren County Committee:

  • Judge Roger Hooper – Chair
  • Faye Rogers (Faye’s Diamond Mine)
  • Darrell Moore (Clinton Hospital)
  • James Beavers (Former Mayor/Local Bank Board)
  • Richard McCormack (Mayor of Clinton)
  • Dale Holt (VB County JP)
  • Mary Phillips (VB County JP)
  • Kathy Sherwood (Van Buren County)

Pope County:


Yell County: