UACCM Online Learning Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell which classes are online?

One way you can find online courses is to view the course schedule. The schedule of classes is listed there and you may sort these classes by term and filter by online courses.

Can my computer handle online class?

Check your computer’s configuration and compatibility characteristics with the Minimum Technology Requirements check. Recommendations for computer hardware and software can be found on the Student Technology Requirements webpage.

Am I ready for online courses?

The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton is excited to offer many online courses. These courses provide convenience and technical enrichment for our students; however, students should carefully consider the following questions before taking an online course:

Am I computer literate?

Computer literacy includes the following skills: downloading, printing, unzipping files, blocking pop-ups, saving and uploading documents, e-mailing, and operating Windows.

Do I have reliable and consistent access to a computer?

Do I have reliable Internet access? Do I have a back-up plan should my own computer malfunction? Since most students who take computer courses have other commitments such as families and jobs, it is imperative that students be able to access the online courses at convenient hours. Additionally, instructors will not accept computer malfunction as an excuse for late work, so students who choose to procrastinate should have access to another computer in case their primary computer fails.

Will I take responsibility to learn to use the Learning Management System program?

Students should be aware that their instructors are responsible for teaching the competencies of the course, not how to use the learning management system. Students should contact their individual instructors with subject-related questions only. All learning management system concerns should be directed to the UACCM Help Center by emailing As a part of our online program offerings, any student taking any number of online courses, even if only one, will be required take New Student Orientation prior to starting their first online course. New Student Orientation can be taken online and will help students familiarize themselves with the learning management system.

Do I enjoy reading?

Am I able to easily comprehend and learn from reading material without classroom lecture reinforcement? Online courses require more reading than most traditional courses. Additionally, the information presented in assigned reading is not reinforced by a classroom lecture. Most importantly, students should carefully read, comprehend, and agree to all the requirements in the course syllabus. Students who do not enjoy reading or who feel they are weak readers should not take an online course.

Do I understand that taking an online course will require self-discipline?

Do I understand that online courses often require more work than a traditional course? Since online students and instructors do not meet regularly, a student can expect to spend those three lecture hours per week reading and studying material in the online course through the learning management system. Additionally, students should expect to spend an additional two to three hours per course hour per week as suggested by the University for college success. This means that students can expect to spend approximately 9-12 hours per week on an on-line course.

Students taking only online courses must meet requirements for admission to UACCM and not need any remedial courses for math, reading or writing. If you are interested in being a distance education student and attending fully online, see Distance Education for how to apply.