UACCM Visit The Campus

Questions to Ask On A Campus Visit

What You Should Know

When choosing a college, it is important to visit the campus and “get a feel” for the surroundings.  Each college has a distinct atmosphere, and what appeals to one student may be an instant aversion to another.  The only way to know for sure is to schedule a campus visit.  While you are there, schedule time to take a tour, visit with faculty in your student’s anticipated major, and meet with an admissions and financial aid counselor.  After visiting each of the campuses being considered, the decision on which college to attend is often much easier to make.

What documents are required prior to admission to the college?

Admission requirements vary by school, but the common documents required will include the school’s application for admission, a high school transcript, entrance exam scores, and immunization records. Ask which entrance exams are accepted by the college for placement and scholarship purposes. Are other items, such as application essays required?

Fast Fact: UACCM requires an application for admission, a high school transcript, college transcripts (if applicable), entrance exam scores, and immunization records prior to admission to the college.

What is the average size of your freshman classes?

Colleges often quote the size of an average class in publications, but the number is usually an average of all classes held on the campus. Freshman level general education courses are the largest classes on campus, and are usually much larger than the average class size number would lead one to believe.  When visiting a campus, be sure to ask about the average freshman class size and insist on seeing a classroom that is used for Freshman Composition or College Algebra.

Fast Fact: UACCM’s largest classrooms contain only 32 students. Most classes have a limit of 24 students and some courses have a limit of as few as 10 students.

Does the college superscore the ACT for scholarship purposes?

Some colleges, including UACCM, superscore the ACT or other entrance exams for the purpose of awarding academic scholarships. Superscoring means that the college will select the highest subscore from each section of the ACT and re-average those subscores to reach a new composite.

Fast Fact: UACCM awards academic scholarships beginning with a 19 ACT composite. Comparable ACCUPLACER scores are also considered.  See the full list of scholarships for requirements.    

Is the admission application used as application for scholarships?

Many schools have a separate application for admission and scholarships. Find out if one application takes care of both admissions and scholarships, or if a separate application is required. If the admission application is used for scholarships, find out which ones – it may only apply for academic based awards.

Fast Fact: UACCM has an application for admission, which is used to determine academic scholarship eligibility (scholarships based on entrance exam scores or graduation rank). A separate General Scholarship Application is required when applying for any other type of scholarship.

What are the financial aid and admission application deadlines?

Deadlines to apply for financial aid and admission exist on most campuses. When is the priority deadline for scholarships? Is that the same deadline for applying for grants and loans? Is the admissions deadline on the same date? All of these are important questions, especially when money is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis

Fast Fact: The priority deadline to apply for scholarships at UACCM is April 1st. The deadline for FAFSA and loan applications varies according to registration dates. There is no deadline for admission applications.

Will an academic advisor be assigned that is trained in the student’s field of study?

Advisors may be trained in all areas of study, only in their area of study, or not at all. Ask how advisors are assigned to students, if students receive an advisor from their chosen course of study, and how active the student can expect an advisor to be in the college planning process.

Fast Fact: UACCM academic advisors are assigned according a student’s declared course of study.

Is free tutoring available?

Most colleges and universities offer free tutoring to students currently enrolled in courses on that campus. Ask which courses offer free tutoring, and which offer only paid tutoring. What are the hours that tutors are available? Is the tutoring center staffed with students or faculty? Are appointments required or necessary?

Fast Fact: UACCM offers free tutoring online and in-person.

What activities are available to the student?

Colleges offer a wide range of activities for students, everything from sports teams to academic organizations to Greek Life. Whatever your student’s interests, be sure to ask about activities that accommodate and foster those interests. Involvement leads to a well-rounded experience and a happier student!

Fast Fact: UACCM offers a variety of academic organizations, honor societies, and major-specific organizations. No Greek Life exists on the UACCM campus.