UACCM Financial Aid

Crediting Merchandise from Textbook Brokers to Title IV funds Policy

As per federal regulations, UACCM allows students, if they so choose, to credit their account with Title IV, HEA funds to pay for educationally related goods and services purchased by the student at the bookstore (Textbook Brokers). UACCM has a written and legal contract with Textbook Brokers under which the student is able to charge educationally related goods and services. The student authorizes by digital signature on the receipt, that they authorize Textbook Brokers to charge said goods/services to their Title IV funds.

Students are allowed, though not required, to charge their books, supplies, and other goods to their Title IV funds. If they do not want to purchase books, supplies or other goods in our bookstore, they simply do not authorize the use of their funds for this purpose. Students are allowed to charge books, supplies, and other goods approximately two (2) to three (3) weeks prior to the beginning of a semester and approximately three (3) to four (4) weeks after the start of the semester. The exact date to allow charges is determined prior to each semester and published on UACCM’s website. Textbook Brokers will keep a copy of any receipts signed by the student.

Wording on the digitally signed receipt is as follows: I authorize any tuition /related fees/books/supplies/other educational related expenses may be deducted from my Pell/Student loans/scholarship/other financial aid awards for the {insert academic year} academic year. I understand that I am responsible for these charges if they are unpaid by my financial aid. I will owe any balance to UACCM, and a hold will be put on my account until the balance is paid.