UACCM Student Academic Advising

Advising Appointment Instructions

To book an advising/registration appointment, first, check that registration is currently open by visiting the Academic Advising page of the UACCM website. From this page, you can access the Appointment Plus portal to check specific dates for free times and book an appointment.


  1. Screenshot showing Login and password text field.

    Log in

    On the Appointment Plus portal, begin by entering your Login (first initial + middle initial + last name + last 3 digits of Student ID number) and Password (first initial + 9-digit Student ID number).

  2. Screenshot showing Login name, password, and retype password text field.

    Change Password

    The first time you login you will be asked to change your password. Enter a password of your choosing and then retype the password.

  3. Screenshot showing text fields with student information entered all but the 'E-mail' text field. Arrow points to student's advisor's name in the 'Assigned To' section.

    Confirm Info. Give Email Address

    The first time you login you will also be asked to confirm your student information. At this step, enter an email address that you check most often. This address is where you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

  4. Screenshot showing 'Select Advising Appointment' dropdown box under the 'Appointment Locator' section.

    Select Advising Appointment Type

    You will then be asked to select the type of advising appointment. If you are currently attending or have attended UACCM recently, select Current Student. If you are new to UACCM, select New Student.

  5. Screenshot showing calendar in table form with several days grayed out.

    Select Date

    Once you select an advising appointment session type, the calendar will appear. Use the calendar to select the desired date for appointment. If you do not see open days, you may have selected the wrong advising session type. Select a different advising session type.

  6. Screenshot showing a table with columns of days and rows of times. Several times are grayed out.

    Select Time

    After the times for the selected date appear, select an empty block of time for the appointment.

  7. Screenshot showing selected appointment information such as location, address, advisor, time, and date. A row of five numbered breadcrumbs across the top of the page is also visible.

    Review Selection

    You should now see your selected appointment date and time. If this information is incorrect, click on "4. Select Date" in the progress bar and reselect date and time. Then complete the remaining steps.

  8. Screenshot showing a text field to indicate any specifics to cover during appointment. An arrow points to both a text field to enter a phone number to recieve SMS messages and the button to finalize the appointment.

    Indicate Eligibility for Graduation

    If you plan to complete degree requirements during the term being registred for and will be eligible to graduate from UACCM, indicate that in the box below. Once you verify everything is correct, finalize your appointment.

  9. Screenshot showing pop-up window with information about the scheduled appointment.

    Print Appointment Information

    You have completed scheduling of your appointment. You will receive an email to the account you provided when you logged in. You can also print your appointment information.

  10. Screenshot showing arrow pointing to 'cancel' under the heading of 'Appointment Activity'.

    Canceling and Rescheduleing

    If you must reschedule or cancel your appointment, you may do so up to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment by logging in to Appointment Plus, locating your existing appointments, and clicking "Cancel".