Online Learning

Introduction FAQ
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Electronically-delivered course instructors facilitate the same material as taught in the traditional classroom, which require the same amount of work and time commitment. Students may learn through reading assignments, viewing videos, listening to short lectures, viewing PowerPoints alongside reading of the text, participating in discussion forums, taking quizzes and exams and completing other required assignments.

UACCM offers three types of electronically-delivered courses designed to give students the opportunity for quality education within a virtual environment:


Online courses are self-directed and do not require students to come to a traditional classroom setting. Since online students and instructors do not meet regularly, a student can expect to spend those three lecture hours per week reading and studying material in the online course through the learning management system. Additionally, students should expect to spend another two to three hours per course hour per week for college success. This means that students could spend approximately 9-12 hours per week on an online course.

Although students are not given a specific time or day to attend class(es), students are expected to log-in and work on the course(s) frequently throughout the week. Online courses require self-discipline and attention to detail. Therefore, it is vital for students to keep up with each class and complete all work on time.


Hybrid course instruction and content are delivered utilizing both face-to-face instruction and asynchronous instruction where student and faculty member are separated by time, space, or both. Courses will require approximately 1/5-1/3 of the course to be completed on campus. 


Synchronous courses are those where the instructor and students are online at the same time. Students may choose to attend class in-person or by logging in at the designated class time using a link provided by the instructor in order to participate in the class and to be counted in attendance.

Synchronous courses will take place in Blackboard Collaborate, allowing multiple people to be in the same environment together. While in Blackboard Collaborate, students will be able to share their webcam and microphone to interact with the instructor and other students. Course materials will be accessed by logging in directly to Blackboard.