UACCM Student Transfer Services

Transferability of Courses

Passage of Act 472 of 2007 by the Arkansas General Assembly requires public institutions of higher education to inform students at the time of registration about the transferability of courses. The acceptance of transfer credit is made by the receiving institution based upon institutional policies, Arkansas Division of Higher Education policies, and state laws. The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) was created as a result of the passage of Act 672 of 2005. The ACTS system is an important tool that students and institutions can use in the advising process.

Transfer Credit Policy

UACCM accepts transfer credit from accredited two-year and four-year colleges.  Students who have previously enrolled at another college or university must submit official copies of transcripts from all of those previously attended institutions.

Students transferring from other institutions must submit official transcripts to the Office of Admissions as part of the students’ admission requirements.  Official transcripts will be evaluated by the Registrar.  Courses must have a grade of “C” or higher to be eligible to be accepted as transfer credit. Courses accepted for transfer credit will be posted to the student’s UACCM transcript with the grade earned and the transfer institutions course identifier and title.  Transfer credit will only be reflected in hours earned and may be used for degree requirements.  Transfer credit is not calculated as part of the student’s UACCM cumulative grade point average.

Transfer credit may comprise up to one-half of the credits needed to receive a certificate conferred by UACCM and may comprise all but 15 of the last 30 hours of an associate degree conferred by UACCM.

Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

ACTS is the best source of information on course equivalencies for students. Students may use the Arkansas Division of Higher Education (ADHE) webpage to compare courses from any two public institutions in the state. Students should select their institution using the “Source Institution” dropdown menu and compare the courses at that institution with the courses at the transferring institution by using the “Destination Institution.” dropdown menu.

Even though courses may be listed as comparable, some transfer policies apply. For example, UACCM’s transfer policy only allows six hours of general education credits with “D” grades to be accepted. Courses completed at UACCM with a grade of “D” are not guaranteed to transfer to other institutions. Students should contact the receiving institution to see if courses with grades of “D” may be accepted for transfer. Courses taken at the lower division level (i.e., freshman and sophomore level) are not usually counted as upper division credit; consequently, some courses may not satisfy degree requirements at four-year institutions. Specific questions should be referred to the receiving institution.

It is the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton’s goal to provide students with the best advising possible. Students should consult their assigned advisor, departmental dean, or Academic Advising and Career Services when they have questions about transfer credit. Students who plan to transfer should review the degree requirements at the institution they plan to transfer and use that information in the selection of courses and electives to be taken at UACCM. The ACTS system provides students and institutions with current information on comparable courses between institutions in the state.