UACCM Student High School Concurrent Student

Frequently Asked Questions


Can earn concurrent credit from UACCM if my high school is not listed as having a Memorandum of Understanding with UACCM.

No, If you school does not have an MOU, you may not enroll in concurrent courses for the current academic year. However, you may contact the UACCM Director of Advising and Concurrent Enrollment to inquire about your school possibly being added for a future academic year.

What is the difference between concurrent enrollment and AP classes?

In a high school concurrent class, college credit is conferred based upon your cumulative effort in the class and a letter grade is added to your UACCM transcript. In AP courses, students must pass a standardized test at the end of the year to determine if they will be awarded college credit. Each college and university accepts different AP scores.

Can I take remedial courses as a high school concurrent student?

UACCM does not allow high school concurrent students to enroll in remedial/developmental education courses. 

Will my concurrent classes be transferable to colleges other than UACCM?

Yes! The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) helps ensure the transferability of general education courses between Arkansas’ public colleges and universities.

How do I transfer my classes to other colleges?

After graduating high school, students must submit a transcript request to our Registrar's Office.