UACCM Student Registrar

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge for transcripts?

UACCM does not charge for transcripts that are requested from the Registrar's Office, however, there is a small processing fee and pdf fee that will be charged if ordering a transcript online.

How long does it take for my transcript request to be processed?

The Registrar’s Office normally processes transcript requests the day they are received.

I’m on probation. What grade do I need to make to bring up my GPA?

Your overall GPA must be 2.0 to be removed from academic probation. If you want to discuss what grade you need in a specific class, you need to make an appointment with the Registrar.

How do I change my advisor?

To change your advisor, you must go to the Student Success Center for assistance.

What if I need my 1098-T re-mailed?

The Registrar’s Office will verify your address. If your address is correct, we will refer you to the Business Office. If your address is incorrect, you will complete a Student Information Correction Form and then talk to someone in the Business Office.

Can someone else pick up my transcript/academic records?

Transcripts/records can only be released with the student’s written authorization stating specifically what records can be released. Student’s signature on request must match the signature in student’s file. The Registrar’s Office will require identification from the person picking up your records.

What if I can’t access my Campus Connect?

The Registrar’s Office will verify that you are using the correct ID number. If you need further assistance, you will be referred to Information Technology (IT).

How will dropping affect my Financial Aid?

You should talk to someone in the Financial Aid Office.

How will a W or AW affect my GPA?

W’s and AW’s do not count toward a student’s GPA.

I’m a parent or guardian. How can I get access to my student’s grades, class schedule or other university information?

Due to Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions, no one except the student (upon providing verification of their identity) may request information about his or her academic progress, financial aid information, enrollment information, grades, etc. The University requires written permission from a student before any officials can release the student’s information to a designated third party.

What if I need a transcript but have a hold on my account?

These holds will prevent you from obtaining a transcript/information from you academic file:

  • Admissions – incomplete file
  • Financial Aid – exit counseling required
  • Business Office – outstanding balance, library, fine, parking ticket, etc.
  • Registrar – need transcript from another school

The Registrar’s Office will not process a request until all obligations to the school are met.