UACCM Student Tutoring Services


UACCM provides free online tutoring services to current students through a partnership with NetTutor. NetTutor provides professional, trained tutors in over 150 subjects, including live tutoring for math and writing, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Other subjects have a schedule of live tutoring times.

Students can meet with live tutors by drop-in on demand. Students also have the option to drop off a question or paper to retrieve tutor feedback later.

Every session is private, and the tutor gives their full attention to one student at a time. All interactions are recorded and available to the student in their NetTutor Locker for future reference.

Live Sessions: Drop-in

Live tutoring interaction begins with text communication within the chat area. If the student requests, tutors can enable audio & video, screen sharing, and a whiteboard drawing canvas for two-way real-time collaboration.

For best results in live tutoring sessions, students should do the following:

  • Prepare to share their work and communicate their specific difficulties
  • Have necessary resources and reference ready and accessible

Drop-off a Question

Students have the option to drop off a question and return later for tutor feedback. Students post their problem or question on the whiteboard, showing the work they’ve attempted so far, then return later to retrieve tutor feedback. Tutors will respond to the question within 24 hours.

For best results when dropping off a question, students should do the following:

  • Ensure their question is presented clearly and accurately
  • Include any work done on the problem up to the point of confusion
  • Explain the aspect(s) of their question that are causing the gap in understanding

Drop-off a Paper

Students can submit any written work for tutor review and feedback from any type of assignment in any subject area.

To use NetTutor drop-off paper review, students complete a submission form that provides general information on the assignment and upload their file. In turn, a tutor will review their writing and provide feedback that encourages the student’s writing efforts, recognizes the strengths of the submitted piece, and makes suggestions for revision with emphasis on higher order concerns (focus and purpose, audience, thesis statement, development, etc.). Tutors do not fix, proof, or edit the paper directly. Tutors will point out potential grammatical or mechanical errors only on the first instance of repeated issues and use examples to illustrate how to correct them. Finally, when the feedback from a tutor is available, it will show up in the student’s private NetTutor Locker.

Students should submit only one draft at a time and wait for feedback. Tutors will provide feedback within 48 hours. Revisions can then be made and, if needed, be resubmitted marked as 2nd draft.

For best results when dropping off a paper (or essay or any written work), students should do the following:

  • Tell the tutor as much as they can about the assignment (if there isn’t room in the prompt box, include the assignment prompt in the file they upload as the first or last page)
  • Be sure to identify which writing style is supposed to be used (e.g., MLA, APA)
  • Be clear about the help they are requesting, or ask the tutor to focus on the major areas they’d recommend

"Extremely helpful feedback and quick turn around."

"Extremely personable and understandable."

"Great academic aid."

"Tutor gave both positive and constructive feedback. I was able to use all suggestions to make my essay flow much better."

-UACCM Student Survey Comments